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Leaders in Industrial Machine Plastic Parts

Leaders in industrial machine plastic parts

You have already heard all about the high-quality, durable conveyor belts that Allied Product Solutions can provide for your business, as well as the long-lasting LED lights and lighting fixtures, but when you have plastic machine parts that need to be replaced, did you know that we can also handle that for you?

Allied Product Solutions is a regional leader in high-quality, heavy-duty plastic products to ensure that your manufacturing and industrial processes see as little downtime as possible.

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The gold standard in industrial plastics is Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene. UHMW a thick polymer that is extremely resistant to wearing out, has a low coefficient friction, resistant to chemicals of all types, and very abrasive resistant. UHMW will also last longer than metals, nylons, urethanes or fluoroplastics.

This makes UHMW the most common and popular choice for machines that experience heavy use in day-to-day industrial environments and need to be as durable and as long-lasting as possible. Because it is so resistant to wear and friction, UHMW has the potential to greatly extend the life of industrial machines and reduce your energy consumption and downtime. Many of our UHMW plastics are composed of reprocessed materials, giving you no loss in durability but a drop-in price and environmental impact.

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How are the heavy-duty plastics fabricated?

Our process for plastic fabrication is CNC machining, which involves a cutting mechanism controlled by numeric computer code. This allows the plastic parts to be cut and fabricated with the most precision possible, and gives complete control over shape, size, dimensions, and other aspects of the parts. As a result, we can offer high and low volume quantities and the parts produced can be slotted, punched, drilled, countersunk, flanged, tapered, and bored to fit a wide variety of machines and industrial processes.

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